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Why give a wedding speech?

There are only two events in our life when all our friends, all our family, all our loved ones come together to celebrate. one of them is a wedding. Do you really want to let this magical moment pass without sharing everything you feel inside?

with this online course You, the wedding speaker, will benefit in five ways – fun, respect, brand, love and pride.

You’ll have tons of fun during your wedding speech. You’ll hear a laughing crowd. You’ll see smiling faces. And, you’ll face your cheering friends.

You’ll feel their respect thanks to your great speech content and your great speech delivery.

You’ll raise the value of your personal brand. Speakers are in the spotlight. You can fail or you can gain with the Wedding Speech Designer.

You’ll feel their love.

You’ll feel proud when they come to hug you and celebrate you for your great wedding speech. Tears in their eyes.

White Wedding Vibes In Formentera

21 September 2013 – The small island of Formentera, a stone’s throw away from Ibiza, the famous party palace in the heart of the Mediterranean. Timo, the groom. Entrepreneur, energetic, enthusiastic. All dressed in white. Timo’s speech. Eight minutes and thirty-two seconds. Passion, love, goose bumps, tears, laughter, hugs, friendship, kiss. Thanks to the Wedding Speech Designer.

What Other Wedding Speakers Say

The most emotional speech of your life? You’re not alone. Here’s what others say about the Wedding Speech Designer.

You just have one go! It's the moment of your life where you have the undivided attention of your wife, your family, your parents in law and your friends. You better get it right because this is your one and only speech that will always be remembered. I decided to attack this challenge with professional help. Best decision ever because Florian is an absolute rock star in wedding speeches and their preparation. We analyzed, structured, developed, edited, practiced and practiced and practiced. I had to deliver it by myself, but Florian made a great impact to the final version of the speech. I'm eternally grateful.
- Timo Buetefisch - Entrepreneur
With Florian's help, my husband's speech at our wedding was the best I've ever heard! He wowed the audience with his charming, thoughtful words and hid his nervousness really well. Thank you so much, Florian - our guests and I will never forget it!
- Corinna Links - COO
I felt like a rock star. I gave the best speech ever in my life. Thank you, Florian, for your great support! It’s great how you inspire people to explore new paths and how you motivate people to unlock their full potential. The wedding speech from June 13th 2015 will stay forever in the minds of my wife and myself. Thank you!
- Alex Theile - Marketing Consultant

The Course

This course is a series of 29 educational videos. The total duration is 70 minutes. Plus approximately 20 minutes of additional offline work.

Step by step, Florian will help you bring your wedding speech to life. In the end, what you’ll hold in your hands is a detailed outline of a triumphing wedding speech – personal, emotional, unforgettable.

What you need to follow this course effectively, is two sheets of blank DIN A4 paper, a pencil and a printer to print this file. You’ll receive exact instructions throughout the course.

Are you ready? Great, let’s do this!


2m 14s Sneak
It's all about them
1m 13s Sneak
Notes bite!
1m 36s Sneak
Less is more
1m 08s Sneak
Specific beats generic
2m 27s Sneak

Step One

Who's king?
5m 18s
Digging for stories
2m 33s

Step Two

To be (remembered) or not to be
1m 13s
Only the best of the best
1m 32s

Step Three

Avoid the bummer
1m 25s
Raising the tension
1m 08s

Step Four

The Speech Structure Building
1m 08s
Capture their attention
5m 51s
What's your message?
1m 58s
Pre-structure their minds
1m 44s
The body
1m 18s
Repetition works
1m 14s
Thank yous
1m 10s
Build the drainpipe
1m 56s
Cut the ribbon
1m 30s

Content Kings

Emotion, emotion, emotion
3m 09s
Tell stellar stories
6m 33s
Make them laugh
4m 53s

Delivery Delights

Make it tangible
3m 33s
Windows to their souls
1m 45s
Make your body speak
2m 49s
Be like Braveheart
2m 14s

Bonus Clips

The secret sauce
4m 40s
Florian's mock wedding speech for Trent
3m 57s

Your Speech, Your Pace

Take all the time you need – just make sure you don’t miss the wedding date! The basic structure of your wedding speech – you’ll design it in approx. 90 minutes. The fun starts afterwards when you dive deep into both content and delivery. But one thing is certain – the more you put in the more you get out. A golden rule in public speaking says, “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.” And now design your wedding speech – with your pace and lots of fun in the process!

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Step One to Four

Content Kings

Delivery Delights

Bonus Clips

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